Welcome to Cape Town Study Abroad version 2.0. The inaugural trip took place over the course of Spring Break of 2018. Almost two years later, the second journey has started, taking place over New Year’s Eve and into mid-January, the sequel started.

By Chase Brady and Hannah Frick

Lunch at Coco Wawa in Rondebosch around the corner from Little Scotia; a boat ride as part of the Red Bus premium package; stopover at the Two Oceans Aquarium; and dinner at the V&A Waterfront. I would say that was a great way to spend the day in Cape Town. To add some energy and personality to the blog, Chase, my blog partner and I created a vlog documenting events throughout the day.

By Cody Stephens and Gloria Torres

Day 3 of Buffs in Cape Town, consisted of a serene and amazing ride to Aquila Private Game Reserve for an all day safari experience. Dinner was at the famed Moyo restaurant, on the beach. While watching the sunset and looking back on the day it was a nice moment to realize that today wasn’t just any other day. See the third day of our journey through Cape Town, South Africa!

By Alex Kypfer and Connie McKee

Welcome to day four of the South Africa trip.  This is Alex and Connie and we are very excited about the events of today.  It’s an early call again this morning.  We must be on the bus by 7:45AM, but it will be an exciting day going on the Peninsula tour which means we will see Cape of Good Hope, seals, and penguins. 

By Katy Zimmerman and Jordan Conde

After a night free to ourselves, where getting some much needed rest seemed to be the best option was, as typical, ignored. The only possible opportunity to "sleep-in" like our normal American lives was thrown away in search for experience. The few minority that chose this path decided to feel more culturally endowed and chose to participate in a church sermon in the morning (or for around this part of the country, 9:30 AM.) Yes I know, truly terrifying! A typical and reasonable time to be awake.

By Ellee Reeves and Chase Brady

Today was our 2nd day in our groups working at Langa and Bellville. My group was in charge of the Bellville project that included painting the Building Bridges logo on the building along with a mural of the world including WT’s school logo and the University of Minnesota’s logo. Gloria and Connie sorted the over one thousand books we brought with us from the United States and catalogued the titles of every book. They also categorized the books into identical library categories which will help in the daily operation of the library for Bellville kids. Hannah and others carefully drew the outline for the logo getting it ready for us to paint. We started at 9:30 in the morning and finished at 3:00pm in the afternoon. Overall it was an interesting day working for Building Bridges!

By Maria Valles and Frank Navarrete

Hi friends, it’s day nine and we’re continuing our work service day at Bellville with the Building Bridges organization. Today was our last day to work with them. We continued to work on the mural. Today, just like the past few days, have been sweltering hot. We interacted with students from the University of Minnesota also working with Building Bridges. We painted our school’s logo on the back of the building and said our goodbyes. The day wasn’t over because today we moved hotels. The Mandela Rhodes Place, a beautiful boujee place. A couple of us got together, toured the place and went to grab some dinner at KFC. We called it a night after that.


By Lourdes De Avila And Alex Kypfer

On our 10th day here in South Africa, both teams headed for iKhaya Le Langa, where we spent the morning documenting Langa's locales and conducting interviews, taking a break at Jordan's Ways of Cooking. Later that afternoon, 6 of us decided to take on Lions Head and hike to the top, where many others awaited the beautiful sight of the full moon in the night sky. Feeling accomplished, but very sweaty, we stopped for food and refreshments before returning to the hotel, and so ends our 10th day in Cape Town.


By Dane Glenn and Maria Valles 
Beach day, sea food  and relaxation to re-energize for more service learning work days; shopping and the trip back to the Unites States.

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