Cape Town Sundays on a Study Abroad Trip

By Jordan Conde and Katy Zimmerman
After a night free to ourselves, where getting some much needed rest seemed to be the best option was, as typical, ignored. The only possible opportunity to "sleep-in" like our normal American lives was thrown away in search for experience. The few minority that chose this path decided to feel more culturally endowed and chose to participate in a church sermon in the morning (or for around this part of the country, 9:30 AM.) Yes I know, truly terrifying! 

A typical and reasonable time to be awake. Shockingly enough, Church in Cape Town is reasonably familiar to our southern US sermons. Even though an ocean apart, such a religion is filled with the same amount of energy just as it is back home. The same community of faith and the same purpose for why such a community exist is nothing but the same. Those of whom attended found new found friends even in such a distant land. All that went also decided to adapt to milk and tea, which was a comfort to replace the American life blood of coffee. 

In the afternoon, once everyone in the group was able to catch up on beauty sleep decided to take their bags and scavenge for food. Italian, Barbeque, South African, and of course McDonald's were all reasonable choices for such an occasion. And of course with any and all meals in Cape Town, the proportions of food are A LOT bigger than typical American size. I apologies to be the bearer of bad news, but sadly things aren't always bigger in Texas. 

Shortly after, the cabs were quickly boarded as everyone was excited to see the 2010 World Cup Stadium where Cape Town City would be taking on Baroka. We weren't alone. Many ecstatic fans would soon join after. Although some members of the group didn't understand the full rules of soccer they knew the exact moments of unfair plays and great moves by the players. Right before the group left, the game winning shot was made. The ball moved smooth through the blades of grass and was kicked into the goal with ease. The crowd goes wild! 

Closer to the end of our day, we all decided to take a nice visit to the Kirsten Bosch Botanical Garden. Which by my advice is the PERFECT place for any; proposal, wedding, honeymoon, and any other romantic type of activities. (You're welcome gentlemen) 

For someone such as myself who isn't huge on natural gardens, this one was truly breathtaking. I have truly never seen any other beauty that lies here in Cape Town. Not only with this garden but with the other natural landscape, people, food, music, culture, history, heritage, man made buildings, and landmarks. This trip and especially this day has been nothing short of beautiful.

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